Anti-Muslim Attacks In UK Prove Incorrect!

The British Conservative Party has been denouncing government support for Islamic schools in their country using the argument it was money being spent to further the cause of Islamic extremism. Conservative MPs in Parliament claimed there was no evidence that Islamic schools had been registered or inspected by Ofsted, the education watchdog. They also insisted Islamic schools had received money from anti-terror funds. It is now clear the Conservative attack was simply a game of politics and playing on anti-Muslim hysteria. In fact, one of the alleged Islamic schools which was portrayed as supporting terrorism in Sslough, Bershire, has received glowing recommendations from Ofsted for “its broad and balanced curriculum.” The school was also praised for its commitment to the “spiritual, moral and social and cultural development” of students.

The charge concerning receiving anti-terrorism funds was also proven incorrect. The money actually came from a fund to further nursery education and was distributed by local councils, hardly institutions which support terrorism. David Cameron, Conservative Party leader had told Parliament, “Two schools have been established by an extremist Islamic Foundation, the ISF.” Oh well, such statements may secure votes and, after all, in the game of politics, who needs the truth if one can get votes by lying?