Anti-Putin Crowd In Moscow

In the good old days, all Vladimir Putin had to do was suggest to those in government jobs how wonderful it would be if they thronged the streets shouting his name. Over the weekend in Moscow and estimated 120,000 people gather in sub zero temperature to shout defiance of Putin. An opposition leader tore up his picture shouting, “Russia Without Putin.” An eight metre condom with a sign, “protect us from Putin” was held aloof. Vladimir had previously mistaken ribbons for condoms.

Oh, there was a pro-Putin rally, mainly attended by civil servants who were ordered to get the heck out of the office and go freeze their butts in order to give Putin some good news. Latest polls show that Putin, who ordinarily secures 90% of the vote has a rating under 50%.

We have a hunch some interesting manipulation will occur with voting in Russia.