Anti-Roma Ads Allowed On Hungarian TV

The perennial issue of freedom of speech once again emerged in Hungary when a nationalist party which has been gaining seats in Parliament by shouting about “Roma” crime was allowed by the Supreme Court of the nation to place an ad which refers to “gypsy crime” as the main problem confronting the nation. In America, millions believe there would be economic prosperity if only illegal immigrants did not arrive to handle garbage collection, spend hours in back breaking work picking fruit or take away begging rights on street corners from God fearing white Americans. The issue of “gypsy crime” is believed by too many Hungarians as a major problem confronting their nation. Of course, in recent years, businessmen have robbed hundreds of billions from ordinary people, but there is no outcry for legislation to prevent business crime. No, as far as Hungarians fascists are concerned, end “gypsy crime” and all will be well in the country.

Yes, they have a right to spew hate. The issue is never the right to be a hating person, the issue is always being able to sift out lies from the truth.