Anti-Semitism Is Catching

There appears to be a new epidemic of anti-semitic remarks swirling around the world. We had Charlie Sheen, the poor man’s version of an accomplished actor, denouncing his Jewish producer over something that still remains unclear, and now from the world of fashion, we have a model or something like that going after Jews. Apparently, Jews are on the menu for insulting this month. John Galliano, a famous model for the House of Christian Dior got into some sort of shouting match with a woman and, after making clear he thought she was ugly, added the following when she asked if he had blond hair and blue eyes: ‘No, but I love Hitler and people like you would be dead today. Your mother, your forefather, would be…. gassed….. dead.” I got the point. Under no condition ask John if he has blond hair and blue eyes.

Natalie Portman, after receiving her Academy Award quit the House of Dior in disgust. The House of Dior fired this Galliano saying in strong terms they condemn “the statements made by John Galliano.”

Frankly, this episode makes no sense. But, then again, I do not live in this world of fashion. If asked if I am blond with blue eyes, I can only say: No, no.