Anti-Semitism Lives In Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez is a hero to many leftists who regard his anti-United States attitudes to be a refreshing challenge to the giant living to the north of their country. Chavez poses as a champion of “the people” and whenever anyone of the left employs the expression, “the people,” they gain immediate support from those who consider themselves to be champions of “the poor and oppressed.” Yes, Venezuela is a nation in which those with wealth and power have long dominated the nation. Yes, the poor have been oppressed. But, when Hugo Chavez sinks to the level of fostering anti-Semitism by linking the 18,000 Jews in his nation to the CIA, his rhetoric of liberation becomes the voice of hate. Actually, there no longer are 18,000 Jews in the country since 9,000 have left after observing how Chavez encourages hatred toward Jews. It is now common for anti-semitic slogans to be posted on buildings and for state media to portray Israel as the only nation in the world who damages life for Muslim people.

There is the nation of Israel and there are Venezuelans who happen to be Jewish. Both are not linked anymore than Catholics in their nation have anything in common with German Catholics who participated in the Holocaust. Chavez is a sham. His main concern is POWER and that means power for him and the hell with power for the people. He is the leftist nightmare become a reality.