Anti-Semitism Rises In Sweden

Threats and harassment against Jews in southern areas of Sweden have risen dramatically over the past few years. Fredrik Sieradzki, a member of the Malmo Jewish Federation, notes “many feel tat the community and local politicians have shown a lack of understanding of how the city’s Jewish residents have been marginalized.” The number of hate crimes has doubled in the past year. In addition, Jewish synagogues and cemeteries have been defaced with anti-Semitic grafitti. One Jewish resident told a local newspaper he was taking his family to Israel to find a secure place. Many Jewish residents blame local politicians who refuse to take a strong stand when anti-semitism occurs.

There is also a feeling among some Swedish Jews that a small segment of Muslim immigrants arrive with hatred toward Jews and manifest those feelings in the safety of Sweden. Of course, Jews also encounter rapid Neo-Nazi groups which spout old time Hitler ideas for the modern world. The ironic aspect of this manifestation of anti-semitism is the connection with neo-Nazi groups, the same individuals who hate Muslims. Perhaps, it is time for Jewish and Muslim leaders to create joint organizations to fight neo-Nazis.