Anti-Semitism Spreads Among German Muslims

Alhough most German Muslims have not shown any major interest or support for islamic militants, they are more prone to tap into the spread of anti-Jewish feeling within their country. Farfur is a carbn copy of the Walt Disney Mickey Mouse character but he spouts anti-Jewish feeling as part of the comedy associated with the cartoon show. Children are encouraged to say things like “We don’t like Jews because they are like dogs. We will fight them.” In 2004, Fran ce banned such shows from being shown due to their anti-=semtism, but the use of cartoon characters to insult Jews is all too common on Muslim based TV programs

Last fall, Rabbi Zaiman Gurevitch, was attacked on the street n Frankurt on the Sabbath and stabbed by a 22 year-old German of Afghan descent who said: “You shit Jew, I’m going to kill you.” German educators increasngly are coming across young children who use the expression, “you Jew” as an insult when angry at another child. In 2007, the Grman Interior Ministry published a study which indicated that German Muslims were more prone to attack and insult Jews than any other group in Germany. The report noted, “the pervasiveness of sweeping anti-Semitic prejudice among Muslim students was also noticeable.”

The reality is that anti-semistism is linked to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Until that issue is resolved, there is scant prospect Hamas propaganda willl not cease. Perhaps, as part of any resolution of the conflict is the necessity of including an educational program between the parties that aims at ending bigotry and prejudice.

  • paul jonas

    cartoons of mohamed was wrong . but doing the same of jews does no one any favers and tars everyone.

  • Walter77777

    German history and the history of so much of the Muslim world have little in common except an evil tolerance (Even encouragement!) of anti-semitism.

    It was not universal. In Muslim Spain Rabbi Maimonides was almsot universally honored and respected and he wrote his, Guide for the Perplexed, the most significant work of Jewish theology, in Arabic . the Jews flourished in Muslim Spain, but their good times ended when the Catholics drove out the Muslims and there followed the Spanish inquisition which drove out most of the Jews in Spain or forced them to convert.


  • Fred Stopsky

    If you study the history of Jews in Muslim nations, they never were accorded equal rights and were always treated as an inferior, but protected, group. There were periods in Spanish Muslim history when Jews were peresecuted and killed. Frankly, the Muslim myth of treating Jews on an equal basis is just that– a myth. Granted, overall Jews had it better in Muslim nations than in medieval Christian nations. But, let’s not attempt to portray the Muslim world as one of equality.