Anti-Terrorism Machine Moves On

Of the two hundred cases in which someone was accused of being a “terrorist” the government gained a victory in 178 decisions. Our government claims it has thwarted 178 terrorists from committing acts of violence. For some strange reason these brilliant “terrorists” have not been able to actually commit a single action in which an American was killed. This leads to the observation that either we have a brilliant corps of anti-terrorist officials or those deemed to be “terrorists” simply are not very capable of doing anything other than getting convicted of not doing anything.

Jonathan Turley argues the government will “take a conventional case and they will transform it into some grotesque over exaggerated claim of terrorism.” We apparently have created a massive counter terrorism industry in which people secure employment by identifying Muslim individuals and making certain they wind up in jail. Actually,the usual charge is giving “material support” to terrorists and they ordinarily means sending money to some organization.

One must admit that President Obama has created jobs. Why not hire two million “anti-terrorist” agents and put a dent in the unemployment numbers?