Anti War Veterans March In Denver

Denver authorities had attempted to deny permission for anti-war veteran groups to march in the Veterans Day parade, but finally relented. Members of Veterans for Peace and Iraq War Veterans Against the War marched along with other of their comrades in the day that reminds all Americans of those who served. An anti-war sign dropped to the ground and an onlooker placed her foot on the placard saying, “Today is a day or patriotism, not politics.” An onlooker, Air Force vet, James Hill responded: “They put in their time, they lost their buddies too, and their friends.”

Those who become upset at groups like Iraq War veterans usually condemn them as being “unpatriotic” and associate patriotism as synonymous with supporting Bush and the Iraq war. This nation was founded by men and women who rejected English patriotism and argued for an American viewpoint. Iraq veterans who speak out against war are acting in a patriotic manner by standing behind the values of this society and are willing to challenge those in authority who violate American values.