Anyone Seen Barack Lately??

Barack Obama was always the smartest kid in class, the one who raised his hand with the correct answer and wrote a beautiful essay to explain his views on what was being studied. He was the apple of the teacher’s eye and the one who got a recommendation for a scholarship or award. He did brilliantly at college, and wound up with excellent recommendations for whatever future occupation he desired to pursue. Along the way, Barack learned to be the nice guy, the guy who never stood out as possessed with anger toward oppression. He handled oppression with kind words and deeds.

Once again, President Obama seeks to please Republicans who do NOT believe in compromise. Their interpretation of “compromise”is simply another word for surrender. Obama now discusses reductions in Social Security payments to please Republicans. The average person on Social Security gets about $1,500 a month to live on. Try living on that for a month, Mr. President. The Social Security solution is simple-maintain the same Social Security tax as present, but extend it TO ALL INCOME! Problem solved.