Anyone Want A President??

The American people are currently enjoying a slug fest that goes by the name of an “election.” Countless hours of TV are spent on presenting ads that make certain one and all know that I am the right person for the job and my opponent somehow escaped from the local asylum. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, you know, the guy who helped give us the war in Iraq, called upon the European Union to consider the concept of a President for the continent of Europe. I guess he is upset that Europeans miss out on the madness that is an American every four year exercise in smearing another person.

Tony believes the current economic crisis proves the European Union needs someone who can help  to untangle the economic disaster that has hit several nations like Greece or Spain. Tony believes a presidential election will “involve the public” and from that involvement will arise political solutions- just like those  soon to appear in America.

Now, we offer one guess as to who would be the perfect candidate for this new job? Who knows how to create a disaster by invading other nations? Who knows how to wreck the economy of England?

There is only one person and his initials are: TB!(we do not refer to the disease– or do we?)