Anything Goes On Facebook

I am 81 years of age and have lived through World War II, the Vietnam war and assorted other mad events in human history, but each day on Facebook provides one with sufficient evidence that humanity is stark raving  crazy. A Swedish actor who lives in Stockholm was approached on line  by “linda”  who sent him “her”picture and they engaged in sex talk. An old fart like most probably would have wondered why “linda” wanted to flirt, but, alas, such thinking is not found in all too many humans, circa, 2011.

Linda challenged the actor to masturbate before a camera, send her the picture and promised he would get one in return. Alas, “Linda” is no Linda, but some guy who makes out with idiots willing to send him their pictures of masturbating. The unknown man then demands money. ‘Linda” is presently under investigation for nine such fraud cases.

The next time “Linda” wants you to masturbate, turn around!