Anything Left Of The Right?

I become confused these days. Republican right wingers decry high deficits, they decry wasted money spent on people who don’t need the money, they insist our troubles are caused by “liberals” and “left wingers. They insist foreign born Barack Obama is responsible for the present $13 Trillion national debt. Here is where I get confused:

President Obama offers a $4 Trillion reduction in spending.
Republicans offer a $2 Trillion reduction in spending and refuse to have anything to do with the Obama plan.

OK, now my real confusion. If conservatives want higher reduction in the debt ceiling, shouldn’t they support the higher reduction?

I have further confusion. Republican right wingers decry attacks on our spy system as “Left wing” attempts to help terrorists. Barack Obama has gone further than Bush in curtailing the right of Americans to their privacy, but Republicans denounce him???

Republicans praise reducing taxes as the best way to create jobs. As of this date, President Obama has never proposed a Job Program, and has reduced taxes in 2009. So, why isn’t he the candidate of the Republican party for 2012???

Republicans went wild with patriotism and supported wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Barack Obama has EXPANDED the number of troops in Afghanistan. Shouldn’t Republicans support Obama policies in that nation???

Let’s face reality, Barack Obama has become the leading right wing conservative in this country.