ANZAC Day Marchers Dwindling

The last man who served in World War I from Australia has left the scene and only those who served their nation from World War II on are still around. In the United States it is estimated that each day another 1,400 veterans of WWII die. How does a society recognize those who risked their lives in order to defend basic principles of democracy and freedom? Perhaps, today, the legacy of the Iraq war and its lies makes it difficult for young people to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who fought in wars. On ANZAC day in Australia, 90 year old David Curtin looked around and realized he was the last one from his unit who was still standing.

We suspect the past twenty years of wars which were all about anything but preservation of a nation or its democratic principles have created a lack of patriotism in the hearts of the young generation. Perhaps, it is an important step for humanity to reduce feelings which all too often have led to death, not life.