Aortion Debate, Are You Kidding?

The Republican Party has a rondevous with disaster and it will not stop until I ensures a collapse of the economy in order to prove that President Obama can not  be right about anything. At a time when millions are without work, at a time when students are worried about their education debts, at a time when child care is being cut along with food stamps, the House of Representatives has plunged into a discussion of the Number One issue in America-abortion. They passed by a vote of 228-196 the Pain Capable Unborn Protection Act which makes it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion if a woman is 20 weeks pregnant. Our infrastructure is collapsing but to Republicans the issue remains, ABORTION!

They can not let go of their desire to focus on issues -that are important–but should be discussed in a reasonable manner – not to secure votes from those committed to ending any and all abortion rights. I can well imagine if the US was attacked, the House of Representatives would focus on the Number one issue-Abortion!