Apologize Or Else!!

It must be wonderful to be dictator of all that one can survey. It must be thrilling to utter whatever comes to one’s mind and have the entire world pay attention to one’s words of wisdom.  Kim Jong-un has  let loose another volley of threats and warnings and declamations of dire consequences if the world does not allow him to play with his toys. It must be terrible if your opponent responds to threats with their own words of defiance. North Korea’s government is furious because people in South Korea demonstrated their support  of American and South Korean statements of defending their own nations against North Korea. In response came a bold statement from the North. “Our retaliatory action will start without any further notice. The military demonstrations of the DPRK’s revolutionary armed forces willbe powerful sledgehammer blows at all  hostile forces hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership.”

Kim wants an apology. I am confused. If you can wipe out the opposition, then why ask for an apology?