Apology To Michael Dunn

The other day I posted a story about Michael Dunn, a 47 year old man who was returning from a wedding reception with his fiancé and pulled into a gas station to fill up. A car filled with four black skinned teenagers were also there for gas and their radio was tuned up loud. He told them to cut the volume, words ensued, and the volume rose higher. Naturally, what could a white man with his girl sitting by him do, but take action? Would you like your daughter to be in a situation in which BLACK TEENAGERS were playing loud muss?? Of course not. White teenagers playing loud music are bad, but BLACK TEENAGERS playing loud music pose a threat.

Michael glanced over to the car in which sat the teenagers and saw “the mouth of a shotgun.” Since Michael was in the state of STAND YOUR GROUND he just had to. He blasted away. I erroneously claimed that he had fired ten shots. I apologize to the hero who murdered a 17 year old boy. He only fired NINE shots.

Michael, the police searched and searched but they never found the shotgun.

Again, our apology.