Applause Not Overwhelming At AIPAC Meeting

When she was a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was certain to receive thunderous applause appearing at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but yesterday it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who spoke the truth to the assembled members of a group that prefers fantasy to reality. She told the group, “as Israel’s friend, irt is our responsibility to give credit when it is due and tell the truth when it is needed.” She made clear that Israel could no longer continue obstructing the road to peace in the Middle East by building and building in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. As she noted, new construction in those areas, “undermines mutual trust and endangers proximity talks.”

Hillary Clinton did not receive an enthusiastic reception, but her words are those of someone who loves Israel and wants it to make the difficult, “but necessary choices” that will lead to peace. Sometimes, silence is what is needed rather than stooping down to satisfy the lust for power that some possess.

Peace for Israel is the ONLY option.