Apres Moi, Afghanistan Will Be Ok

President Barack Obama has promised to get American troops out of Afghanistan by 2014 so the clock of departure is ticking ever so  loud. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is now promising that even as main US forces are leaving beloved Afghanistan, our military forces will be engaged in a war agaisnt terrorism.Of course, he does emphasize that main US efforts will be directed at   training and outfitting  Afghan troops. Some reports suggest that of the current 60,000 in the land, about  10,000 will remain after most are gone.

Of course, an adviser may wind up doing a  bit of fighting. There are many unanswered questions concerning what happens if  the Taliban inflicts defeats on the Kabul government? What happens if the candidate favored by Karzai does not become president? What happens if more American soldiers are killed by those who they supposedly are training?