April Is The Cruelest Month In Months For GIs

In September of last year, the American military lost 65 soldiers in fighting but in subsequent months the total continually declined. It declined, however, until the cruel winds of April hit those fighting. The final figures are in for April and apparently 46 fine young Americans died in fighting, mainly in Baghdad. In addition to Americans who were victims of violence, at least 400 civilians died in Baghdad fighting according to Iraqi hospital officials who are overwhelmed attempting to deal with the price of violence and brutality. The Sadr city area of over two million people has been the scene of a high percent of the fighting as militants battle Iraqi and American forces.

On Tuesday, as the month drew to a close, US forces killed 28 militants in Baghdad while losing four of their own. Baghdad hospitals are stretched to the breaking point coping with hundreds of wounded in addition to their normal case loads. Staff at the hospitals are worried they are running out of clean water and donot lhave sufficient trauma specialists to treat all those in need of help.

Numbers in the Iraq war tend to focus more often on the dead while the living are left to suffer the effects of being wounded. Hospitals have problems disposing of dead bodies, but the living ones require ongoing attention and medical supplies which frequently are not available.