April Showers In Afghanistan Rain Taliban Bullets

It is close to seven years since American forces led an invasion of Afghanistan that threw out Taliban leadership, but President Karzai’s attempt to preside over a ceremony resulted in attacks by suspected Taliban militants which forced him to flee for his life. The president was at a pageants that marked the sixteenth anniversary of ejecting a Soviet-backed Afghani regime only to have the rocket and automatic weapon explosion of gunfire kill one and wound 19 of the dignitaries who attended the ceremony. Hundreds fled the scene in chaos as shots rang out in the air.

For days prior to the event, Kabul had been ringed by checkpoints and security forces searched vehicles in order to avoid the scene which did ensue. The area where the attack took place was ringed with tanks and security forces, but Taliban militants were still able to carry out their plans. One rocket even penetrated a mosque where Karzai was sitting in prayer.

At some point, there is need for a re-evaluation of current military strategies which obviously are not achieving their goals. Karzai has complained of the lack of diplomatic success in reaching out to Taliban militants, is this a strategy that might be explored?