April Showers In Gaza Bring Death

The never ending arguments between Israel and Hamas as to who fired the initial shot goes on and on. Hamas charged that Israel planes killed three senior members of their organization during a bombing attack in Gaza. Hamas then fired rockets and mortar shells which hit an Israel school bus, “as a first response to the crimes of the occupation and assassination of three senior members of our organization in Gaza.” I would assume Hamas leaders grasp that deliberately targeting a school bus is going to result in bombs blasting and killing innocent inhabitants in Gaza. The issue is “who fired first,” and the issue is, “since he fired first, we have the right to fire back to our heart’s content.” Hamas has yet to investigate what Palestinians in the West Bank are doing by initiating a non-violence campaign against Israel using the model of Martin Luther King. It requires more courage to refuse violence than to continue violence.

In the end, there will be an Israeli soldier and a Hamas soldier meeting on a field strewn with millions of dead bodies and before killing one another they can argue as to who began the fight.