Arab And Jewish Leaders Urge Peace In Acre

The incident began in a relatively unimportant way when an Arab motorist drove through a Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur eve and played his radio. Jewish residents became infuriated at what they considered to be an insult and the result was violence and riots on the part of Jews and Arabs in Acre. President Shimon Peres,along with several rabbis, went to Acre and met with Jewish and Arab leaders in an effort to calm things down. A group of prominent Arab leaders in Acre issued an apology for anyone violating the sanctity of a Jewish holy day, and an inter-religious group was formed in order to prevent future such incidents. The fact no one was killed is most probably due to the calm manner in which the police handled rioters.

After eleven Arab leaders issued their apology, the chief rabbi in Acre, Yoseph Yahsar responded with a statement that merely illustrated issues that must be dealt with in the future. He commented, “as long as they(Arab leaders) link in the same breath the riots of the Arabs on Yom Kipur with the acts of vengeance carried out by Jews in response, it will be very hard to calm this down.”

In other words, if Jews riot it is their right to do so because they have a right to vengeance. No one has a rifght to vengeance in a society that is governed by law and order. If the rabbi condemns groups like Hamas for acting contrary to law,he has no right to argue that Jews can break the law when they fell the need for vengeance.