Arab Human Rights Going Downhill

A leading Egyptian human rights groups has issued a somber report on human rights in the Arab world that, essentially, gives many countries a “F” grade for their failure to defend them. The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies accused Arab governments of attempting to silence the voices of those fighting to protect individual rights. The report specifically accused Egypt of using its presence in the United Nations to sabotage efforts at human rights efforts in order to avoid having anyone examine its own sordid record on human rights. “The Arab League,” said the group, “has become more oppressive of authoritarian tendencies than any time in the past.”

There are indications extreme Muslim groups are targeting not only foreign groups or Israel, but human rights groups within their own nations in an effort to halt any voices expressing opposition to their actions. Perhaps, it is time for those who only focus on Israel violations of human rights towards Palestinians to spend some time focusing on Arab violations of human rights.