Arab Israelis Stand Up For Rights

The surge of power by right wing Israeli political parties which has brought to prominence bigots like Advigdor Lieberman has frightened the Arab community of Israel. Dr. Ahmad Tibi, an Israeli Arab who serves in the Knesset was greeted by thousands at a recent rally which included many who wish to defy people like Lieberman who seek to deny the right of Arab citizens to cast their votes or to elect their candidates to parliament. Arab Israelis(most prefer to be called Palestinians) have been subjected to discrimination in education and at work and most live in a segregated world apart from Jewish citizens. Traditionally, the Arab vote has been small, but many are prepared in this election to show right wing Israelis that their votes are important.

It is time for Palestinians living in Israel to use the weapon of the vote in order to exert their power. African Americans and Hispanics in America use their voting power to dilute the power of bigots, it is a good example for any who are subject to prejudice and bigotry. Stand up and VOTE!