Arab League Publishes Insulting Cartoon

Thousands of Muslims throughout the world rush to the streets in order to denounce cartoons that appear in European newspapers which depict the Prophet Muhammad in what is viewed as insulting ways. The Dutch branch of the European Arab League published a cartoon which implied Jews made up the entire story of the Holocaust in order to gain sympathy. Dutch officials decided to fine the Arab League branch. In response, they argue it is a double standard in which anti-Muslim cartoons are not fined while those lying about Jews face prosecution.

The entire idea of fining anyone for publishing a stupid cartoon is ridiculous. Of course, just about every day in the world Muslim press at least one cartoon or other insult is directed at Jews, but I do not see any Jewish groups denouncing such silliness. Anyway, there is some truth to the Dutch Arab League cartoon. According to my sources, six million Jews departed for Argentine and the sunny beaches of Florida. Another few million went to Iraq where they were welcomed by Saddam Hussein and married into the family. Another million of so departed planet Earth for another planet where there are no Muslims who publish stupid stories about the Holocaust.

For the record, the cartoons were published by Christians and no Jew had anything to do with them. Naturally, Jews are then attacked for something they never did.