Arab League Urges Middle Eastern Discussions

The head of the Arab League emphasized the need for nations of the Middle East to come together and discuss with Iran current issues arising from the fear of nuclear weapons in the region. Amr Moussa said most Sunni Arab nations are worried about Shiite Iran using its power to influence events within the area which has resulted in rising tension as nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia prepare for what they consider to be an Iranian power grab. “The time has come for an Arab-Iranian dialogue which should include all issues,” he said. “We have differences and problems but these can be solved because Iran is an important country.” Moussa warned Middle Eastern nations should not allow outside powers to meet with Iran to deal with problems in the region since those decisions belong to the Arab people.

Moussa appeared to support the idea proposed by Bahrain Foreign Minister Sheik Khalid Bin Ahmed al-Khaifa to create a regional organization that would include all Arab nations, Turkey, Iran and Israel. This is a sensible idea because those countries are most impacted by events in the region and should make decisions, and not allow European and Americans to decide the fate of the Middle East.