Arab Named Students Not Welcome In Swedish School

The story of a 13 year old girl living in Sweden who was of Arab heritage is most probably one that is happening at this very moment someplace in the so-called northern liberal nation. The girl and her mother sent in an application for a school in Askid which lies north of Stockholm. The next day the secretary contacted her mother with information there were no available places in the school and would it be OK if she tore up the application. A week later, an older sister contacted the school using the name of Ammelie and asked if there was an open spot in the school for her son, Johan. The headmaster called right away and said please send in the application of “Johan” and promised he would accepted. He closed with a “see you in autumn” promise. Mom again called the secretary and asked if there were any openings, only to be yelled at for bothering her.

The girl and her mother have filed a complaint with the Discrimination Ombudsman. I assume in this case they used the girl’s Arabic name and did not use the name of “Johan.” Prejudice by any name is still prejudice.