Arab Spring, Christian Fall

Those who believe in democracy and an end of petty rulers trampling the rights of people have welcomed efforts by Arab people to get rid of their dictators. The assumption was that once Muslim societies rid themselves of dictators, then….. Of course,no one really explained what would happen if the bad guys were gone in Egypt or Tunisia or other Arab societies. After US forces drove Saddam Hussein from power, they installed religious fanatics and the result is over half of Iraq’s 800,000 Christians have fled the thought of living under Sharia law.

Since President Mubarak was driven from power, there have been repeated attacks on Coptic Christians and churches have been burned down. Over the weekend a clash between Coptic Christians and Muslim thugs resulted in the army appearing on the scene. During the ensuing battle, several soldiers were killed along with Coptic Christians.

Muslims continue blasting Israel for its oppressive policies toward Palestinians. We welcome Muslims blasting Muslims for their oppressive policies toward Christians!