Arab Spring Now For All Seasons

Someone secured 51.8% of the vote in Egypt’s election for president and his opponent got 48.1%. Hardly a ringing endorsement for anyone to become president given that a majority of the population didn’t bother to cast a vote for either Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi or Mubarak buddy, Ahmed Shafiq. In theory Morsi is the “winner”but a majority of Egyptians have lost faith in the Muslim Brotherhood to respect individual rights or create an economy that  is job centered. Coptic Christians also fear the MB is a simply a group of Muslim fanatics who disregard secular of Christian rights.

Egypt has worked its way through the springtime of their hopes and now are in the winter of discontent. Morsi squeaked by and now is president with –which powers? Parliament is dissolved, most Egyptians see no hope, so what follows winter?