Arab Spring On Fire

Two years ago an unemployed man set himself on fire in Tunis to protest his world which offered scant opportunities for success and his lack of confidence in a totalitarian government. Yesterday, a young man set him self on fire because he lacked economic opportunities and his government was more interested in power than in empowering people to get ahead. Just before he lit a match, he shouted: “This is a young man who sells cigarettes because of unemployment.” He then added, “Allahu Akbar”– God is Greatest.

The Arab Spring has been transformed into a winter of discontent by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood whose only desire is imposing their religious doctrines on those who want a broader interpretation as to what God wants or does not desire. His country is under control of Islamists who constantly clash with more moderate Muslims. The Arab Spring needs nations dedicated to improving the lives of all citizens, regardless of their religious goals.