Arab Spring Turns Chilly

The underlying problem with the so-called “Arab Spring” is failure to recognize its supporters remain ideologically different as well as offering divergent views of the role of religion in government. The Egyptian Wafd party broke its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and will run its own candidates in upcoming elections. The bottom line is that many leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are committed to some form of “mild Sharia” law in a nation which contains millions of Coptic Christians.

Egypt, like all Arab countries  fighting to establish democratic societies, cannot allow religious conservatives to take over the government. Today, it is “mild Sharia law, ” and tomorrow it is an extension of the mild and so on and so on. Egypt must become a modern post industrial society and it will not attract the best and brightest minds if it allows religion to hold sway over the nation.

Iran is run by religious nuts and Iran has an economy which is stagnant.