Arab Spring Turns To Autumn

There were great hopes in Tunisia by many who had fought to create a democratic society and end rule of cliques and power brokers. They were successful in ending an autocratic regime and replacing it with those from a wide spectrum of society. However, change also included more power to Islamist political leaders who seek to impose their version of Sharia law. Early this month, Seham Ben Sedrin, a woman was raped by police because she was seen making love to her fiancé.

President Moncef MarZouki apologized to the woman who was raped at a police headquarters and promised the policemen will be “severely judged.” Of course, the woman and her fiancé will face charged os indecent behavior. Reality, is that Tunisia once was under an autocratic secular rule and now is under an autocratic religious rule. Is this the end of the Arab Spring in Tunisia?

Oh, the religious Ennadha party wants the Constitution to read that men and women are “complementarity” rather than “equal.