Arab Wars Continue

The state of Israel continues to ignore what is happening in the Arab world because to do so would open doors for negotiation. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority was in Syria to discuss ways in which all Arab countries could cooperate in the search for peace in the Middle East. Syrian President Assad urged him to continue Palestinian “resistance” and not give into Israel. Abbas politely informed the Syrian leader the issue was not fighting and resistance, the issue was how to achieve a peace that would enable Palestinian people to have their own nation. The reason he can not accept Israel’s decision to proceed with settlement construction is clear, if Israeli settlers continue their nibbling approach there will be no land left in the West Bank for Palestinians. He wants the Arab League and all Arab nations to unite and join him in negotiating for peace.

The tragedy of Israel is when they finally encounter an Arab leader who genuinely seeks peace the government does all in its power to undermine Abbas and thus encourage the growth of radical Islamic leaders.