Archbishop Of Canterbury On Homosexuality

A last ditch attempt to undermine the position of the Archbishop of Canterbury became apparent with the leak of a letter he wrote eight years ago in which he compared homosexual relationships to marriage. At the recent Lambeth conference which brought together Anglican bishops, Dr. Rowan Williams emerged as a moderate who endeavored to placate both sides on the issue of gay marriage and gay bishops. He came across as a liberal on gay issues who was willing to surrender some rights in order to maintain the unity of the Anglican church.

Release of the letters which were written in 2000 and 2001 were an attempt to undermine his position in the church. He had written: “by the end of the 1980s I had definitely come to the conclusion that scripture was not dealing with the predicament of persons whom we should recognize as homosexual by nature. I concluded that an active sexual relationship between two people of the same sex might therefore reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage.”

The letters will in no way deal with the fundamental issue the Anglican church is split between liberals who welcome gays and lesbians and conservatives who would rather leave the church than accept such a position.