Are 9/11 Responders Secret Terrorists?

There are times in recent years when one wonders if members of the Republican Party could surprise America by displaying their idiotic vision of the world. The 9/11 Health Bill for those who responded to the horrific conditions of the rescue and would up becoming ill and getting cancer will require that anyone seeking money for his cancer or other illness must have his name checked out by the FBI to ascertain that he is not on any terrorist list!! Schmuck of the Year, Congressman Cliff Stearns from Florida wants to make certain that no terrorist gets money from the American government. He is also concerned that people who rushed into the burning buildings to assist firemen and policemen might be secret terrorists and we certainly don’t want to let them get our hard earned money, do we??

Let me get this straight. A member of al-Qaeda went to America in 1980, got a job as a fireman, waited until 9/11 and then swung into action. He rushed into buildings, saving people whose death was sought by fellow terrorists in order to prove that he wasn’t a terrorist. Then, he waited ten years to get money from the government which would pay for the cancer he got on 9/11 and his plan is to send the money to al-Qaeda. Wow, what a brilliant plan.

In the spirit of Congressman Stearns, how about:

1. Before Sarah Palin can secure the Republican presidential nomination, she must produce proof that she was a virgin on her marriage day.

2. Before Donald Duck Trump can be given the Republican presidential nomination he must submit proof that he never had any extra-marital affairs while married.

3. Poor Newt Gingrich, if he was ever compelled to prove that he had ANY family values, there would be no nomination, not even for dog catcher.

4. Before Michele Bachmann can give any speech she must pass a test on American history.