Are Any JEWS Left In Israel??

The Israel version of Rosa Parks began when Tanya Rosenblit refused to obey bus regulations imposed by Orthodox Jews that require women to get on the bus using a separate entrance and sit apart from men. Orthodox Jews have signs in areas of Jerusalem which require women to walk on separate parts of the street in order to avoid having their bodies come in contact with males. Hundreds of racist bigoted Orthodox Jews even unleashed their hatred on an 8 year old girl, Na’ama Margolese as she walked to school. Led by black hatted men, the crowd of vicious males and females spat on an eight year old child–in the name of Judaism!

The sad aspect of this spectacle was it reminded us of black children entering Little Rock High School as thousands of people like  these Orthodox bigots chanted hate and venom at children. Who are these Orthodox Jews? Have they forgotten hundreds of years when we Jews could not live in certain areas, could not work at certain jobs and faced non-stop  discrimination?

We suggest that Orthodox Jews meet with Iranian Muslim clerics and establish a bigot area in which fanatic Muslims and fanatic Jews can live with their warped minds. Perhaps, it is time for American Jews to cease funding anything in Israel until the Israel people begin to act as JEWS! It is time for the government of Israel to make a decision, will they support equal rights for Jews or will they allow the Orthodox to take over the country?