Are Aussies Bigots?

My image of the ordinary Australian is a sun-tanned person who loves water and football and enjoys shouting at sport events. A report by the Australian Human Rights Commission offers a rather different version of life in the sun baked country. During the past half century, Australia has opened its doors to people of various cultures, religions and ethnic cultures. According to the report, although 64% of people in the country identify with the Christian religion, Bhuddhism is now the second largest religious belief and a large percent of people are secularist in thinking. There is a strong anti-Muslim feeling, most probably generated by women wearing the niqab in public and wild talk about Sharia law apparently has inflamed many Australians who now fear Muslims are going to take over the entire continent. “There is a current anti-Muslim discourse that suggests an entrenched hostility often related to overseas events.”

There are also at least 30,000 Australians who regard themselves as pagans and the Pagan Awareness Network, claims it has “faced an uphill battle in its attempt to be included in interfaith initiatives.”

Has anyone considered a pagan-Islam coalition which would end rule of the Christians?