Are BritishYouth Acting Like Animals?

To every generation of youth comes a time when adults regard them as unable or unwilling to adhere to the high standards of behavior that adults met in their own youthful times. After World War II, British adults were shocked at the actions of the infamous “Teddy Boys” who apparently ran wild. Of course, then came the notorious Beatles who set youth on a wild orgy of drugs and sexual promiscuity. Now, a study by the British children’s charity, Barnardos, reveals 54% of adults claim young people “behave like animals.” Slightly less than half believe youth is a danger to themselves and to adults while 43% urge protecting young people against their own evil inclinations. according to Pam Hibbert of the charity, “the truth is that young people in Britain are responsible for 12% of crime. But, the public overestimate that by a factor of four with people believing the young commit half of all crime. So a major part of the problem here is question of perception.”

In every generation it is important to believe youth simply is not as peaceful and decent and law abiding as the current one. Of course, it was the adult British population which sent their young people into the madness of the Iraq war and it was adults who created the current economic crisis. Youth will never get a fair reaction from adults.

In the 1950s, adults in the United States and the UK, believed it was evil comic books that set young people into orgies of crime.