Are Hamas And Israel Guilty Of War Crimes?

If supporters of Hamas are asked about Israeli behavior in Gaza, the response is they were guilty of war crimes, if supporters of the current Israel government are asked about Hamas behavior they charge its leaders with war crimes. Urban Ahlin, of the Swedish parliament, charges both Hamas and Israel committed war crimes during recent fighting in Gaza. He emphasized both groups during the fighting committed acts which fall under the definition of war crimes. Ahlin also called for an end to the isolation of Gaza and removal of road blocks in order to ensure the inhabitants of that area finally secure proper supplies for daily life. He admitted Israel had a right to hit back when subjected to rocket attacks, but added, “the isolation policy is neither morally or politically defensible.”

On the other hand, Birgitta Ohisson, another MP, described Israel as vulnerable and said it had a right to defend itself against rocket attacks. “Never forget that Hamas always chooses bombs before peace.” The world views the situation in Gaza as one in which all parties violate which ever law they desire in the name of security, and blame the other for deaths of civilians.

The attitude in more and more nations of the world is a fatigue with war and violence in the Palestine-Israel conflict, and a strong desire that both sides sit down and negotiate. If the issue is war crimes, both have committed them with the result innocent civilians invariably suffer.