Are Hijab Comments Off Limits?

Ericka Tazi, a convert to the Muslim religion from Christianity, was attending a pain management program when at her hotel she encountered two Christians who made derogatory remarks about her hijab. They remarked the hijab was a form of bondage and then laughed as they made a few choice remarks such as claiming the Prophet Mohammed was a murderer and compared him to Hitler. Ms. Tazi was not taken aback but went on the offense and asked the two Christians, “would you prefer it if I got my tits out?” To make a long story short, Ms. Tazi headed for the nearest court and filed a law suit.

It would be easier to become aroused by the comments, but Muslims muse admit in Muslim nations throughout the world, there are nonstop insults directed at the Jewish religion and Christianity with no feeling of upset on the part of Muslim clerics or the government. It is not nice to insult people or their religion, but the world is not perfect and if any time someone filed a law suit over a comment about religion our courts would be functioning nonstop.