Are Humans Shrinking? Blame It On Muslims!

Recent studies in Australia raise the issue as to whether the human race is getting shorter. Professor Henneberg notes there are physiological limits as to the height humans can reach and the growing height witnessed over the past hundreds of years may be drawing to a close as we attain the maximum height for a human. He notes biochemical limitations of human growth and as people have become taller, it has led to problems of blood circulation and higher blood pressure. In a sense we are like the giraffe who finally attained a certain height and can not go beyond it. Add in the decline in physical exercise on the part of young children which results in less stimulation for the muscular system and those hampers gone growth.

I await a Fox News report dealing with the election of a Muslim president born in Kenya has led to the decline in height of the American people. I can see Glenn Beck drawing a diagram on how Muslims in the Middle East are shorter than those of European background so the more Muslims arriving in America the shorter we will become. Down with those Muslims! And, when I say, “down,” I am referring to their height!