Are Immigrants A Risk Factor?

HSB Skare asked housing associations to assist their process in identifying which factors create a high risk in the health and safety environment of various of their properties. They simply wanted to get a sense of factors which might serve to reduce the health of its tenants. Among the 39 items on the list that housing associations examined was the word, “immigrants.” It is not that HSB has anything against immigrants, but they thought the presence of immigrants might be viewed by their clients as a risk factor. A spokesman from HSB admitted using the word was an example of “poorly formulating” what they were after. And, he added, “it is not the case that we consider immigrants to be a risk factor in the working environment.”

I assume some of the best friends of the spokesman are immigrants, not that he would like to have them as neighbors. Of course, there was nothing sinister in posing the question as to whether the presence of immigrants created an unhealthy work environment. How about “wealthy businessmen” on the list or “members of the royalty.” After all, they will never become your best friends.