Are Irish People Drunkards?

It is increasingly clear that Mike Bloomberg, after three terms as mayor of New York has decided to head for greener pastures, and those will not be in the emerald island of Ireland. While attending a meeting of the Irish Historical Society, the mayor decided it was time to tell jokes. Ordinarily, the grim faced cheerless visage of Bloomberg rarely displays a smile, but, what the heck, he doesn’t have to worry about people voting for him, so let it all hang out. He lives near the Historical Society building so he decided to share some information concerning his feelings toward the Irish. “I live in the neighborhood right around the corner. Normally, when i walk by this building there are a lot of people that are totally inebriated” and they are hanging out the windows shouting and screaming. Later, when some Irish people who were present spoke of their resentmett toward his comments, he could not resist saying, “we Jews feel this way.”

My wife is Irish and my children share that heritage so I feel called upon, as a good Jewish boy, to tell the mayor he should not halt at the Irish. How about:

1. “How many Polaks does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

2. “if there is a crime in your neighborhood, check the Italians hanging around the streets.”

3. Not that I have anything against those of the colored persuasion, heck, some of my best friends are colored–white, that it.

4. Did you ever notice that all banks are owned by Jews? Of course, sometimes they change their names, but if you do some checking it tyurns out Jews run everything.