Are Jews Outside Of Israel Real Jews?

The Massa organization in Israel has pulled from its web site a video which depicts Jews in the rest of the world as decidedly not real Jews. The Diaspora is depicted as a world in which Jews adopt Christian attitudes, holidays, and ways of thinking in order to survive in a non-Jewish world. The video presents the view that any mixed marriage automatically assumes children will not be raised to respect or know their Jewish heritage. Of course, in X number of families some children move away from the heritage and values offered by parents. Just ask those who were raised in Orthodox Jewish families and made dramatic shifts in their religious beliefs as they encountered a wider world.

Visit any Reform Jewish synagogue and one will be struck by the number of children from mixed marriages who attend Hebrew school and have pride both in their Jewish heritage as well as their Christian. There are many offspring of mixed marriages in which children identify completely with their Judaism– ask my children.

American Jews have played a vital role in development of equal rights for all people in their land. Any picture of Martin Luther King on his marches invariably shows several Jewish rabbis walking step by step with him. Jews have impacted literature, the theater, movies, economic development and been champions of the dispossessed in our political world.

Perhaps, it is time for Israel Jews to take a long hard gaze into the mirror of social justice and explain how their nation treats its Arab brothers and sisters as second class citizens. Perhaps, it is time for Israel Jews to explain how creation of an apartheid nation is in accord with Jewish values.

Israel Jews, the fault lies not in the stars, but in thy selves.