Are Oceans Declining?

I engaged in a conversation with a member of the Tea Party regarding a report just issued by the International Program on the State of the Ocean(IPSO) which claims life forms in the oceans of our world face an extinction which is comparable to previous mass extinctions in the history of the planet. I was assured it was simply another Liberal attempt to frighten people into believing changes were taking place in the world climate. “Fred, don’t listen to those people. We have always had tornados, we have always had hot days, we have always had cold days, big deal. Hell man, I was fishing last week and caught some real big fish.”

I pointed out the report was made by 27 scientists and they are certain the rate of degeneration of the oceans is progressing at a faster rate than what had been expected. In fact, they claim we are living through the early years of a mass extinction of ocean life which is comparable to the time when dinosaurs disappeared. But, Big Al was not impressed. “Look, those damn scientists tried to convince us that Barney Rubble and our ancestors were not around when there were dinosaurs. Hell man, they even rode those creatures. Stop worrying, it is all part of the Liberal attempt to give government more power. The next thing the Government will decide is to restrict fishing and cut down on our factories. The sky is not falling, trust me.”

So, my confusion is whether I should trust Big Al or those college educated, “scientists,” most of whom are LIBERALS!