Are Olympic Terrorist Threats Much Ado About Nothing?

The Chinese government and media insist there is a potential threat at the Olympic Games from such terror groups as Tibetans, the Fulan Gong cult, pro-democracy activists and Islamic militants. The list includes a wide variety of groups who obviously have no connection with one another and one might raise the question: Are either of these groups actually planning some type of terrorist activity at the Olympic Games? For example, Tibetan activists have gained world-wide sympathy for being attacked by Chinese forces, why would they turn around and kill innocent athletes? They would be transformed from heroes into villains. At best, any “terrorist activity” on the part of pro-democracy advocates would consist of holding up placards or talking to the western press. Perhaps, the key issue is how China defines what constitutes “terrorism.”

The People’s Liberation Army has assemble 34,000 soldiers, 74 planes, 47 helicopters and 33 naval ships to deal with the suspected Olympic Games terrorism. There are probably another 70,000 police and other forces stationed in Beijing to deal with any terrorist activity. One is left with the impression that China is attempting to create a fear about non-existence forces who are engaging in non-existence terrorism.