Are Opponents Of Iran Members Of Terrorist Groups?

The nation of Iran jails women who speak out in favor of female rights, it discriminates against members of the Bahai faith, it has stoned to death people guilty of adultery, and yet it seeks cooperation from other nations in helping it track down “terrorists.” The Finnish Ministry of Justice is considering the request of Iran to have two Iranians arrested and returned to the jurisdiction of Iran on grounds they are members of a terrorist group. The men were in Finland in preparation from a visit by Iranian human rights advocates. Finland’s constitution prevents the extradition of anyone to a nation where they might face the death penalty, torture or other inhumane treatment. The Iranian ambassador to Finland says the men have committed crimes and are part of the MKO, which its government considers to be a terrorist group.

The European Court has ruled the MKO is not a terrorist group. The use of words such as “terrorist” have led to considerable confusion in modern times. George Bush accused a variety of people of either being “terrorists” or cooperating with them. Perhaps, it is time to review the meaning of this expression.