Are Pakistan Taliban Staying Or Going?

The topsy turvy world of understanding what is going on within Taliban leadership in Pakistan became even more confused when a top leader gave an interview to a western reporter. Wallur Rehman gave the first Taliban interview in months to a member of the western press and claimed thousands of Pakistan Taliban have been headed for fighting in Afghanistan. “Since (President Barack) Obama is also sending additional forces to Afghanistan, we send thousands of our men to fight NATO and American forces.” He argue this is simply a matter of aiding fellow Taliban in Afghanistan. American military officials denied there was any such operation in progress. “We haven’t noticed any significant movement of insurgents in the border areas.”

Some experts argue this type of interview is simply a means to spread confusion within American leadership by hypothesizing that sending more troops to Afghanistan is self defeating since it only results in more Pakistan Taliban crossing the border. Is it rhetoric? Is it reality? Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Pakistan Taliban?