Please do not get me wrong, Barack Obama is in no shape, way, or ideas anything like the ignorant woman from Alaska. She stands by herself as the winner of the Winter Olympic gold medal for ignorance. However, Obama is showing signs of political anger which is not appropriate to a president. First, to Palin. She gave a speech at a lectern to the Tea Party morons in which she blasted Obama for talking at a lectern and looking down to see the words. Jon Stewart showed pictures of her hand on which were written crib notes about her speech and later he showed her giving an interview and looking down at her palm for the questions. But, she gets the gold medal for saying: “we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor from Harvard.” Abraham Lincoln had no military training, read and by the end of the Civil War was an active leader in military strategy. During WWI, president Woodrow Wilson was the former president of Princeton. During WWII, Harvard graduate Franklin Roosevelt did tremendous work as commander in chief. Ms. Palin simply lacks any kowledge of American constitutional history. Our Constitution vests power in the hands of civilians t lead our armed forces, that is why we have never experienced the overthrown of our government by the military.

Barack Obama is inviting Republicans to a meeting to discuss health care programs. It is simply an attempt to embarrass Republicans and let them display their ignorance. This is not leadership. President Obama should ask Congress to pass a health care bill this year which includes:(a) make illegal denying care for pre-existing conditions or raising rates for such cases; (b) provide money for creation of a new technological center which would nationalize health care information that would be available to all medical institutions; (c) ensure all children have free medical care. If Republicans refuse to pass this law, let them filibuster. A filibuster would display Republicans as negative and ready to paralyze the American government. That is what a real leader of this country would do.